Supported Living

Supported living is an approach to housing and support for people with disability. Support Unlimited UK believes that every person has a right to lead their own life. With our services, one can determine where, with whom they live and how the care that we are providing should be delivered to them.
Our services aim to encourage individuals live independently, giving them the encouragement and support they need giving them life skills for them to realise their potential and build the foundations for independent living. Our care is flexible and suited to your needs, helping with the day to day tasks that you might struggle with.

Our supported living service also includes personal care and we only proved highly trained and professional carers to assist you in everyday tasks like:

  • Getting food ready
  • Helping with the washing
  • Doing laundry
  • Paying bills and any financial assistance needed

We are governed by the Care Quality Commission, ensuring that we provide the best care for each individual who uses our service and care that is appropriate for each person.

By using our services, we will provide a safe, secure and friendly environment which will ensure that your abilities will be able to flourish.

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