Respite Care/Breaks

Whether your loved one is recovering from an operation or from serious illness, with personal care and support provided by a professional care team at Support Unlimited UK, they will soon be back on their feet again.

Our back from hospital care (sometimes called Convalescent or Post-operative Care) is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client and will normally encompass help with mobility and personal care, together with cooking, housekeeping and companionship.

Support Unlimited UK provides trained and experienced carers to step into your shoes and provide the care and support your loved one is used to while you are away. We take exactly the same time and trouble in planning our short-term respite care service as we do with longer term assignments. This means we will sit down with you and plan every aspect of the care required thoroughly and meticulously.

At Support Unlimited UK, we realise that even though assistance may only be needed for a few weeks, we always go through the same detailed care-needs-assessment process as we do when we are arranging longer term care in the home. Every client’s individual wants and needs are paramount and we aim to provide them with a Support Worker or HomeCarer they will like and get on with.


Support Unlimited UK provides high quality, respectful planned supported breaks (respite and short term services which deliver a high level Person satisfaction, including to their families/carers preventing them from ‘burning out’. Planned supported breaks are provided in the Person’s home, Community or even a hotel, campsite or caravan (or other holiday related accommodation).

Support Unlimited UK also takes great care to ensure that Persons are afforded a wide-variety of Day, Evening and Weekend opportunities that contribute to the achievement of their outcomes and increased Independence and Well-being.

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