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Domiciliary care or homecare is for anyone who may want to stay at home while receiving treatment often referred to as personal care, which they may need and can be beneficial to adults of all ages.

Support Unlimited UK provides experienced and well trained carers in providing medical support including catheter care, convene, PEG Feeding and management, suppositories to name just but a few. All are managed by Support Unlimited UK’s own team of experienced and well-trained staff who will work with you to create a a tailor-made care plan.

You will receive your own bespoke care package tailored to your unique needs, and you will have your own carer. Each care plan is flexible and unique, and all existing routines are taken into account – whether there’s a certain nightly routine that you have, medication schedule that you follow, or a hobby that is important to you. If, for whatever reason, yours or your loved one’s needs change, the carer will still be there to help, and will be as flexible as possible when delivering your care.

Domiciliary Care vs. Care Homes
For some families, care homes provide everything that’s required and are perceived as a safe environment for their loved ones, where they can have constant access to the support that they need. However, Locums4Care believes that the comfort and familiarity of being at home is often overlooked as an option. This is where the benefits of homecare can be seen.

One of the main benefits of domiciliary care/homecare is that it provides a substantial level of support without impacting on your loved one’s independence. Our flexible and unique care plans can also accommodate for existing routines and special circumstances, which means minimal changes to your existing schedule.


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